Pillar 2

Pillar 2: Maximising organic growth opportunities

Optimising captured resources

Creating value through leveraging organic options

2P Reserves: 6,359 MBoe

  • Adds one additional well (Green #4) plus 2,308 Boe of probable reserves
  • Six recompletions above also adds to Probable Reserves
  • 13-year estimated life of Reserves

1P Reserves: 4,051 MBoe

  • Six wells (five are PDP and one, Green #3, is a PUD)
  • Six recompletions anticipated
  • 9-year estimated life of Reserves

3P Reserves: 8,874 MBoe

  • Adds one additional well (Green #5) plus 2,515 Boe of Possible Reserves
  • Additional wells possible with continued development at Lightning
  • 14-year estimated life of Reserves
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